Equipment Needed For Bird Photography.

The great aspect of bird digital photography is that it can happen anywhere on our lovely globe. The not so great thing is that birds are little or timid, as well as you require to be able to obtain close enough with your tools. In this short article, we will certainly be taking a look at the ideal tools for bird photography. We will certainly additionally be having a quick look at exactly how to utilize this equipment.

Cam body

We stay in the world of electronic photography, as well as therefore we will just be discussing digital video camera bodies. I am also an actually large Canon follower, so I will certainly chat Canon, and also you can equate it to other manufacturers if you require to.

You will require a respectable video camera body that allows you to establish continuous focus while firing photos in the raw image high quality. The least expensive body permitting you to do this is the Canon EOS 20D. However, it is not truly inexpensive. The reason for it being not also budget-friendly is that it is really a very good overall camera body for the severe amateur or specialist. You can not fail with this body …

A lot of novices think that a really respectable long zoom lens will certainly solve all their troubles. I have actually been there individuals, and also it does not. Do what the specialists do and also get that lengthy prime lens.
I used the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5 -5.6 L IS USM for a long period of time, as well as my results were respectable but not good enough. It is not the sharpest lens. If you need to use a zoom rather stick with the Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM. It is pin sharp.

I now utilize the Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS USM as well as it is the most effective thing that could have happened to my photography. It is extremely sharp and also really fast at the same time. A bit hefty sometimes, yet I require the workout! With this lens I primarily use a Canon Extender 1.4 x II for an effective focal length of 1 120 mm with autofocus! That is plenty for any kind of bird, as well as I can not imagine getting a lot of great bird pictures with anything shorter.

By the way, do not use hand-operated emphasis. Today’s cameras were not constructed for hand-operated focus as the viewfinders are little and also do not allow you to see adequate detail to manual focus properly.

Photographing flying birds.

Okay, currently you have all the tools and also you are heading into the area to get that award winning photograph of a flying bird. You have to have adequate light entering your lens for a fast sufficient shutter speed to freeze the action. You also want your electronic camera to concentrate where the bird remains in that fraction of a second you are mosting likely to offer it before shooting away. So what do you do …?

Set you camera to an ISO rate of 400. In sunlight this should be quick enough. The factor for not using ISO 100 or 200 is that you are photographing activity as well as you do not desire anything to blur.
You need to also ensure your lens is open at its optimum aperture. A Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS USM lens paired with a Canon Extender 1.4 x II offers a maximum aperture of 5.6, and this is what I utilize when photographing flying birds.

Also ensure your camera is readied to continuous autofocus.

Canon calls this establishing AI Servo focus. This is critical and the major reason why I am not a follower of video camera bodies like the Canon EOS 350D. They do not permit you to use this focus with raw photos …

Thanks Canon!

I also set my image stabilizer to Mode 2 for photographing relocating topics, to prevent it really antagonizing that sharp photo instead of for it …

Now all that is left is moving that hefty lens around while the birds are flying past. Delighted shooting!


We experts have a method of sometime making it seem like you do not need excellent equipment to be a great digital photographer. That is utter non-sense. Get yourself good tools as well as you will certainly see why the pros obtain the shot and you do not.

The various other point that makes the professionals so much better than the typical amateur is persistence. Go and also sit someplace where there are birds, compeling yourself not to move for three hours, as well as you will certainly get the magic shots. Your persistence will be awarded.

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